I am honestly done with snow.  My town has like, 2-3 feet.

Like, one snow day and 1 foot is fine. I actually think it’s pretty. But four snow days, and 4 feet? I can’t even. I’ve had five snow days so far. Five. C’mon mother nature, your not cool anymore. You want to be cool again? Find away to bring back summer, and get rid of the snow. Thanks!

Snow days are fun sometimes. Sometimes. If school gets called off the night before, then you sleep in, and put all homework off to the side for the next night. Then, you make fancy hot chocolate, take photos, of it, load the perfect photo with filters, and post it on all of your social media. Fun, right?

Well, One problem. I’m out of hot chocolate, because I live with two siblings who enjoy hot chocolate. And, I like artsy hot chocolate any day. So nope, I’m stuck with surfing Youtube and Netflix, and being on my laptop. not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just not fancy hot chocolate.

My theory is that at the end of June, when we get out of school (not the in the middle, of June, like we should have), Everyone is going to go to the town’s sledding hill, and sled on the snow, and celebrate summer. Yep. It’s a twisted theory, but it will happen.

All in all, I do like snow. I like going outside with my sister, and building forts, and throwing snowballs to my dog to catch in midair. I like skating at the pond, and attempting to snow board with things that aren’t snow boards. I like being outside when the air is crisp, and the sun is out, and everything is quiet, and I walk home from my bus.

But with every pro comes a con.



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