Hello! I decided to re-vamp my website, and make it more good looking.

What’s New-

Tabs! You can see all of my DIYs, music posts, book posts, maybe some of my writing, and posts about my life.

New Theme! I like pink, okay? The other theme just wasn’t working.


I am a teen writer who reads and writes.I am a writer, who shares my work with friends, because I haven’t been published yet. Yet. I am an avid cheerleader, and love it with all of my heart. I read too much, and I’m friends with a bunch of other reading, and some writing nerds. Some of them read and write like I do, and a few just read. My last name isn’t Brown, but I’m not telling anyone my real last name either. So, if you are wondering, it’s Allison from your gym class.

~Allison Brown


One thought on “About

  1. “Allison from your gym class” I don’t have an Allison in my gym class. Oh well. You can be Allison from my writing class (There isn’t one at my school, but I wish there was). 🙂


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