My Book Club

I am in a book club. It’s all girls, and I started it back in elementary school. My second grade pen pal and I started it. It’s also with our moms. We are just a group of friends who read on the side, and chug bags of gummy bears.

A Normal Schedule:

A member and her mom pick out a book near the end of the last meeting. We read it, and about a month later, we get together.

(This time, it was Whirligig. Review coming soon)

6:30-7: everyone arrives

7:30-8:30ish: Book talk

8:30- 9 or 9:30: Hide out in the hostess’ basement or large bedroom (there’s six of us, and it’s hard to fit all of us on one couch or in a small room now.) We might eat a bag or two of gummy bears, overdo it on the cupcakes, watch cat videos, or find miniature ponies to adopt. Then we go home.

Or if it’s summer, we stay later.

So far, we have gone for a weekend excursion to a little town on the ocean, a family excursion to one of the girl’s ocean camp site. We have had multiple yard sales and meetings. We attempted a sleepover, but only two girls slept over, and one came in the morning.

(since each of us has our dorky side, we use excursion for whenever we go out together.)

We always seem to have so much fun. I love these girls, and they are great friends.

Some books we have read:

Mother Daughter Book Club, books 1-3

Enter If You Dare

Callie Be Gold


I am Malala (not the kids version, it was summer reading for us)

Family Tree, book 1

The Exceptionals

Three Times Lucky

The Magic Half

A Year Down Yonder

The One and Only Ivan

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

and so many more (I can’t remember them all)

Book Clubs are awesome, especially if you create your own.

I am so excited for our meeting on Wednesday, because we haven’t had a meeting in forever!

(If any of the members are reading this, remember the time we went to the restaurant, and tried to laugh louder than that lady, and the first time we made bed for our gummy bears out of Charleston Chews, waaaaay back in elementary school?)

Just wanted to share about these five amazing ladies and their moms!

(I’m the sixth)



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