Things You Learn From Cheerleading

Cheerleading will help you on the road through life. Here’s some ways cheerleading has made me who I am.

Reflexes: you will learn how to sprint over to a book that is falling on the other side of the room and catch it. You can catch almost anything that falls.

Hand Eye Coordination: you will excel in gym class when you do hand-eye coordination games. You will most likely beat most of the boys. How can you throw a person up while they twist themselves into a pretzel, and then catch them while they do another pretzel form?

Pony Tails: you are able to redo your pony tail at lightning speed halfway through a layout. No explanation needed.

Memory: if someone shows you how to do something once, and then you do it with them, you will remember it forever. Cheerleading really helps the memory.

Makeup: you can somehow put on your competition makeup without a mirror, and know what needs touching up without looking in a mirror.

Goals: you can set goals for yourself, and most of the time follow through with it.

Leadership: you always end up taking over the group project, and help them get to work, just like you do when you have individual  stunt group practice.

How to take hits: Oh? You got elbowed in the face during soccer and got escorted off the field? I got elbowed in the face during cheer, I had to keep going.

Conditioning: you learned how to do a push up and run faster the hard way. You also learned to to whine and complain about conditioning either.

Cheer is one of the most educational sports out there, and is a great skill to carry in life, so please enroll your child now, thank you!

(Like this post if you understand the tags. I’m sorry, it’s a cheer thing)

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