February Favorites

I know I’m a little late, but here’s my February favorites! Not just going to be February, but end of January, and part of March.

Book: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Nixon.

Movie: Cyberbu//y

DIY: the camera lense DIY.

Music: Sia!!! Taylor Swift, Marina and the Diamonds, Eddie Sheeran, Sia, and of course, Taylor Swift. Oh and did I mention Ed Sheeran?

Songs: Elastic Heart by Sia, Chandelier by Sia, I Wish You Would, by Taylor Swift, You Are in Love, Taylor Swift. And some main stream Thinking Out Loud. Who doesn’t love that song?

*All Time Favorites* Rather Be, Stolen Dance, Rip Tide, Blank Space, Chandelier, Elastic Heart, A Team.

Writing: Okay. *Sigh* We will be here a while.

So, a few poems that I wrote about my friends, AND I STARTED A NEW STORY! Yay!

Clothing Item: this super cute peach tank top I got at Aeropostale. It has an adorable sating about the beach on it.

I know that this is super late….. oh well. 


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