Ocean in a Bottle Review

My sister and I decided to make a craft because we had a half day at school. So I cruised Pinterest (my new bae), and found this idea. <—–it’s right there

I really love this craft! Even though it’s meant for preschoolers, my tween sister and I did it, and had a lot of fun.

It came out SO cool, and I love it especially, since it’s cute decor for my bedroom, which beach house themed.

The Ocean in a Bottle is very fascinating to play with, and super clever. Kudos to the blogger who uploaded it.

I definitely think it would be a good idea to use a smaller bottle, because a 2L bottle would be too heavy, being filled with oil and water. My sister and I used small, Poland Spring Sparkling Water bottles. It’s much easier to hold, and shake.

It was sort of a messy project because

  1. It’s raining out, so we couldn’t do this outside.
  2. I overfilled the funnel and the bottle, making the oil spill. (luckily, no wildlife was killed)
  3. I’m clumsy, so I spilled things, went too fast, and messed it up a little.

But, the project was totally worth it!

I love it, and will totally do it again, and with different colors.


– Ally

(DIY instructions coming soon)


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