Okay. I love this new (maybe not new?) singer Sia. She sings Chandelier, and Elastic Heart. I especially love her videos, when Maddie Ziegler dances in them. Maddie is such a great dancer under Abby Lee, and even better under Sia’s choreography. Maddie will go somewhere in life, I promise you.

And last night! On the red carpet! I actually really liked Sia’s outfit, and Maddie’s outfit too. For all of you who didn’t watch the Grammy’s, Sia and Maddie wore matching black tuxes, and white frizzy wigs. Sia’s covered her face, but Maddie’s didn’t.

And the performance!!! OIUTYFHGJKUYTIFY. I loved it sooo much!

I was cruising Youtube before the Grammy’s, watching music videos and stuff, when I came across some “Making of Elastic Heart Music Video” videos. Sia had her face covered when ever she was on camera. Also, when she was up for awards, and they showed the nominees in the audience, Sia just had a picture of her signature white wig, instead of her face.

After watching Youtube, I poked around online, and found out that Sia covers her face, because she wants people to focus on her music, and not her appearence. She also said that she has seen how other pop stars live their lives, people always after them, and that she doesn’t want to live her life like that. I actually think that is so cool.

Judge me.

Okay, bye!