Falling Through the Cracks (collab poem)

One of my other writer friends and I collaborated to write this poem for another friend who really needed it in November. 

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You told us

All six of us to be exact

You told us that

You kept wishing to fall right through the cracks


To be long forgotten

You thought you had no place here

Better to be gone

And fall right through the cracks

We kept wondering what would we do if you fell through the cracks

Could we help? Would you really fall through? Would we lose you forever?

Little did you know

We cared to much to let you

fall right through the cracks


Then one day in November

We all remembered

the girl we know and love


She buried herself down

in emotions

Preparing herself for the day

She fell right through the cracks


Five of us

Had the nerve to go get you your saving grace

That would help you without the pain


We all fumbled into the little office, hysterically crying

We had the courage to spill our hearts out

And cry with people we never even see


Honestly, it was driven by fear

Fear that you would fall through the cracks

Fear that you would actually fall through

That’s what drove us to pull you out from the cracks


So here we are today

You are here too

We told you

We would never let you fall through the cracks

~A + T


A little something I wrote 😉

Don’t pretend on me

You hide the pain

That is the key


We break down the walls

You shut us out

And ignore the calls


You have never cried

You stay by my side


Sometimes I wonder

What is she really like

What is really like on the inside


I question your thoughts

Some of them aren’t like you

You always ignore what you were taught

Your eyes shine with a shine too

They are broken happiness

I’m sorry for misinterpreting you